Saturday, January 10, 2009


What, you may well ask, is "MIM"?
Well ,those who've been scrapping with me for the past year will know that I've been going on a bit about journalling. I've had the feeling that we've kind of lost the plot a bit with scrapping. A lot of us (and I include myself here) have been churning out pages which, whilst really quiet lovely, don't really say much ergo, don't mean much. So many ladies say "I don't know what to say" when I tell them to slap a bit of journalling on the page. Now I don't know abou you, but I know VERY few women who don't know what to say!
This brings me to MIM - 2009 is the year where we "Make It Meaningful" (MIM - geddit?). Yep, the emphasis is going to be on pages that really tell the story, be it for an album for your children, your parents or just a record you're keeping for yourself of your fabulous life. Let's stop, take a breath and ask ourselves again what it is we're really trying to achieve with our (expensive!) scrapping. To me it's all about celebrating our lives, recording it and preserving our history.
So look out for some of my MIM ideas which admittedly will take some research, effort and dedication on your behalf but the end prodcut will be oh so worth it..... This of course does not mean that we're not going to be doing a few fun pages with great layouts and maybe just a line or two of story.
I wish you all everything good in 2009. I've still got loads to learn about blogging so please bear with me..... Still trying to figure out how you comment, how to post a picture etc