Thursday, December 18, 2008

Baby steps.....

I'm such a newby at this but give me a chance - I'll soon have it all figured out. Might take a while as I dont have a 9 year old on hand...... What a year 2008 has been. Talk about topsy turvy. First I closed Scrapbook Junction as a shop in February, build a studio at home, converted our house to a B&B and had one of those "0" birthdays! But NOTHING stood in the way of scrapping and we did so under some seriously chaotic circumstances. I have to say it's not easy being creative under those conditions but things are starting to settle down to a nice routine and I'm hoping 2009 is going to be a year of great creativity. I'm LUUUVING my new home studio and particularly working from home after six years in a shop (which I loved but a season for everything....)
I'm so excited about the blog as it's going to be such a great opportunity to stay in touch, share ideas and creativity and do that whole network thing that us gals do so well. Now let me see how to upload a pic.......


  1. Welcome to Blogland. It certainly is a lot of fun.

    Please check out my blog -

  2. You go for it girl....knowing you it will not be long before you come up with something exciting for us all

    Jenny Reid

  3. hey there Ali, Good to see you here!