Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dear oh dear!!

What a nail biting, migraine inducing, sphincter pinching, jaw clenching, vomit inducing, tear flowing week!! My Motherboard crashed and I was kept in suspence for 8 days as to whether I'd lost my entire (unbacked!!) life. Seems as though some of the important stuff has been saved so even though I've lost loads, I've also got lots of saved stuff to be grateful for. Bitter lesson learned here - backup! backup! backup! Which is what I'll be doing most of next week when my computer is returned........
As you can imagine, scrapping is not uppermost in my mind. Hope to be back in the swing of it all in the next week or two.


  1. Glad it got sorted and you didn't lose too much of your stuff.

  2. Thanks Michelle although my computer is back in hospital for further surgery.... discovered I'd lost ALL my pictures (unsaved of course) Sob!