Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tersia's Take....

This is Tersia's take on one of my workshops where she incorporated some paper piecing. I must say I've always felt a bit iffy about paper piecing but I do think used stylishly it can add a lovely dimension to the page. I really loved her little pirate!
I'm now madly crazily over the top in love with mosaic! It's all I want to do all day! But scrapping still tugs.....


  1. Hey Ali

    Well, I have been out of circulation so to speak for some time ... but finally made it to your blog - love it - have added you to my sidebar ...

    You are truly handling this whole cyber thing and isn't it fun???

    Wow, need to get my A into G and make a visit to your new spot ... looks gorgeous from the pics ...

    Love, Tracy G

  2. Don't be fooled Tracy! I've still got LOADS to learn! But yes, I'm loving it. Can't believe how much I've learned this year and still am. You just need the time to sit and play..... Glad you like the look of my studio. It's a very happy place to be.
    Love Ali
    (I still need to learn how people post a comment. I get loads of people wanting to comment and don't know how. I keep threatening to work it out)