Thursday, September 17, 2009

21 - 26 September

Well hello there!

Loving this bit of rain….makes me want to go dig in the garden. Now, I have to say, I’m not a big fan of templates in scrapbooking but, if well used, they can be terribly effective. I think you’d have to agree when you see the results from our “Weekend In London” workshop (the one with 36 odd pics!). Such lovely results. Of course, one of the great things with templates is that it does allow you to place loads of pictures effectively onto your page. Which as you know, I do love to do. I’ve come to realize what it is I want from scrapbooking: I want my album to be an overview of an event/happening/occasion/travel experience or what have you. In other words, I want to look at the page and have a fabulous rush of memories. It therefore becomes the memory that the pictures evoke in me that’s important rather than the quality of the picture. This is why I’m happy to crop away and print my pictures smaller. I still have the pictures on disc if I want to see them in all their enlarged glory. Which is not to say that I don’t appreciate a double page spread with say 3 stunning pictures on it, but more often than not, I want LOTS of pictures on the page. But as you know, we cater for all tastes here at the Junction.
And don’t get me started on journaling. I can’t tell you how much I think a lack of journaling on the page lessens the quality of the page. No date, no story, no anecdotes, no nothing. I see it often – for shame girls!

Having said all that, this week’s page is again using a template and takes 16 pictures. Suitable for any theme. The lovely talented Miz Linda Hutton kindly rustled up this page for me because, well frankly, I’ve had not the slightest inclination to scrap this week. And a lovely job she’s done of it too. You need an assortment of jumbo pics, landscape and portrait. You’d best bring along extras so you can play around. I’m getting my new camera on the 25th so will once again be able to take a pic of the page.

As you know, Thursday is Heritage Day so there won’t be any scrapping on that day. I’ll be scrambling around trying to find out just what exactly my heritage IS. Do have yourselves a lovely day. Talking about heritage, my maiden name was Conradie and my sister did a little research into our ancestors. Turns out that the first Conradie was a Mr Kuntz who arrived on these shores from Germany in 1662 and had the good sense to change his name to Conrady which became Conradie. I’m ever so grateful to him for the name change. I have enough crosses to bear.

Scrapkits are having a Mega Crop at Sica’s Guest House on Saturday 14 November. I’ve attached the flyer and registration form if you’d like to join them for what I’m sure will be a lovely day of scrapping. I can’t stop raving about Tracy’s new papers. It is just so great to be able to buy such fabulous quality local paper. I have all her new papers in stock so do pop in for a peek-a-boo. Talking about new papers – I went into a mild depression when I found myself sitting here ordering XMAS paper!! Can you believe? Anyhows, the depression was short lived when I saw just how stunning the Kaiser Kraft new Christmas range is. I’ll let you know as soon as the papers arrive. (Tracy’s Christmas range is also ab fab).
Tombo glue should be in some time soon for all of you so patiently waiting….

Anyone interested in a ¾ bed virtually BRAND new? R1000.00? Base and mattress. Let me know.

That’s my bundle for this week. Happy scrapping and remember…….
"Success is not final,
failure is not fatal.
It's the courage to commit that counts."
Winston Churchill

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