Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wild Times

Bonjour mes Belles Dames!
(that froggy language)

This newsletter come to you a day or two early because I’m off to Clarens for the weekend. Somewhere I’ve been dying to go to for ages. I’m nearly overcome with the excitement of finally going. I feel awful that I’ve turned so many of you away for Saturday – so sorry but I’m also a much nicer person if I have the odd break.

Next week’s page is “Wild Times” and has a {huge} number of photos and I do mean {HUGE}. Now, I do know that some of despise having booklets on your page so the good news is that you don’t HAVE to do the booklet – you would put pictures where I’ve done the cover and dispense with the rest. I’ve designed this page specifically for game park pictures (hence the massive number of photo’s – I’m one of those people who has to photograph the animal from four angels just to make sure I got the shot!) but it can easily be adapted to any theme buy changing the paper. I’ve used the Fab Scrap “African Contrasts” range (see attached) which has worked brilliantly if I say so myself. Some of you might also not want to make the booklet as thick as I have so this can also be reduced.
With this in mind, I’ve broken down the picture requirements page by page so that you can decide how big you want to go (with a summary of the total pictures at the end)
Page 1
Booklet cover: 3 (2up) landscape (10cm x 7.5cm)
Inside cover: 1 jumbo landscape (cropped to 10 ½ x 10cm)
Page 1: 1 jumbo portrait
2 (2up) landscape
Page 2: 3 (2up) landscape
Page 3: 1 jumbo portrait
1 (2up) landscape
Page 4: 2 jumbo landscape
1 (2up) landscape
Page 5: 3 (2up) landscape
Page 6: 3 (2up) landscape
Base 2 (2up) landscape
Page 2
4 (2up) landscape
4 (4up) landscape (7.5cm x 5cm)

Jumbo Landscape: 3
Jumbo Portrait 2
2 ups Landscape 22
4 ups Landscape 4

If you want the page to look like mine, you’d need to bring the exact same pictures for the booklet cover and page 2. However, for the inside of the booklet, you can use any combination of jumbo, 2up or 4 up that you like (you can even just chop up all those gazillion jumbo’s you’re sitting with instead of printing specifically)
Now, the booklet made this all quite heavy so I’ve adhered the base page to a piece of cardboard and then put the booklet on with a paper fastener right through the board. You’ll need to bring along a piece of firm 12 x 12 board plus a paper fastener (of which I’m afraid I don’t have stock).
I also heat embossed the “Wild Times” title and the chipboard filmstrip. Please feel free to bring your own embossing powder or you can use mine for a small extra charge. You also need an ink pad for the embossing.
I’ve still got to put the finishing touches to the page – if I get time I’ll send out the picture.
Shucks! You might like to go and have a little lie down after reading all that.

Next week’s evening class will be on Thursday 26th. Please make sure to book.

I just have to end with this little letter to Truworths from Sipho which I thought was too funny for words……. I just loved the ending.


Dear Sir/Madam

I acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 7 August 2009 in which for the 3rd time, you request that I pay the monies owed to you. I first want you to know that by no means do I dispute my debt and I intend to pay as soon as possible.

However I would like to bring to your attention that you are not my only creditor. I have many more creditors, quite as honourable and important as you, and whom I wish to pay too. That is why, each month, I throw all the names of my creditors into a hat and draw one randomly. The one drawn is paid immediately. I hope that yours will come out shortly..

Sincerely Yours,

PS: I regret to inform you that given the harsh and threatening tone of your last letter, you will not be taking part in the next three draws.

Have a great and splendid weekend!
Best Regards

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