Saturday, June 26, 2010

Live for the Moment

Howdy Doody

So, this World Cup has got me thinking: why can’t Durbs, or the country for that matter, have this many foreign tourists, level of security and fabulous vibe ALL the time? Seriously, does the place not feel Alive With Possibilities? Every single foreigner I’ve spoken to has been blown away with the fantastic fabulosity of the people, the facilities, the service and the general bonhomie of the place. I’ve asked them all to be ambassadors for South Africa and go and spread the good news about their very positive experience here. Then we just need to get those bleeding expats to stop bad mouthing the country. I’m also going to get hold of Durban tourism and give them some of my (brilliant) suggestions for making Durban even better, all year round. (Can you begin to imagine all the fabulous activities they could put on at that new beach front?). We’re no longer feeling so much the poor cousin anymore nê?

Anyway, I digress, this is meant to be about scrapping:
This week’s page is another layout by Tracy Shimper – “Live for the Moment” - using her delicious Argyle Sweater, Houndstooth Blue and Chocolate Stripe papers: all brown, light blue and olive green colours. I’ve printed my pics in sepia but her colour pictures look just as good (pic to follow this arvie). The pic requirements are:
1 x (15cm x 20cm) landscape photo (6 inch x 8 inch)
1 x (13cm x 18cm) landscape photo (5 inch x 7 inch) – cropped to (12.5 x 17.5cm)
1 x (10 x 15cm) portrait photo.
1 x (10cm x 15cm) portrait photo – cropped to (6.5 x 15cm)
1 x (10cm x 15cm) portrait photo – cropped to (8.5 x 15cm)
4 photos – suitable for cropping to (7cm x 7cm)
You can do it of any theme – could be a butch page if you like although it does have a splatter of blomme on the page.

Now, in case you think I have no intention of scrapping anything to do with the World Cup – you’re wrong. I’ve got two lekker pages in the pipeline. Just waiting for the suppliers to deliver the goods. I have in stock right now chipboard “South Africa”, “2010”, “Soccer”, and soccer balls.

Us die hard scrappers decided we like this All Day scrapping lark so will be planning another one some time soon.
Next week’s evening class will be on Wednesday 30th – book if you’re keen.
Don’t forget the Prawn Festival at Colisheen in Ballito 2nd, 3rd, 4th July.

That’s about if for this week. May the festiveness last long after the WC ends……..
Blessings – Alison
(I’ve just heard on the radio that the Italians just visited an orphanage in Gauteng. “They had such sad forlorn faces” (according to Sipho, aged 7.) Tee hee.

Do more than belong: participate
Do more than care: help
Do more than believe: practice
Do more than be fair: be kind
Do more than forgive: forget
Do more than dream: work
William Arthur Ward

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