Friday, January 20, 2012

Christmas Two

Oh my oh my! How have I neglected my little blog so? I've been forgetting to put my newsletter on. Anyhoo.... here's the latest......

Shucks but these weeks fly by! I feel like a hamster on a treadmill (or whatever that thingy is in their cage)

So, as I mentioned last week, I've done another Christmas page - although sans pictures (I had more Moscow Mules than turkey on Christmas day so there is something of a dearth of pics) I used:
1 x {15 x 20} landscape
1 x jumbo portrait
1 x {2up} landscape
2 x {4up} landscape
1 x (4up} portrait.
The girls who've seen the page already were rather rude about my little title which I admit you need a microscope to see, still, I like it. Feel free to put a gaudy big fat title on your page is you feel so inclined.
And don't worry, I'm kind of over this paper piecing lark for now after that rush of blood to my head.

For you Cardies - don't forget our first card class of 2012 next Thursday 26th at 17:30 right here at SBJ. Feel free to bring a tipple of wine if you like.

Do any of you own a Carl Trimmer? If so, I uncovered a stash of replacement blades when I was spring-cleaning and I'm offering them @ R25.00 instead of R64.00.

I'm off to buy albums, glue, paper blah blah on Monday so let me know if there is anything you particularly need.

I'm afraid I won't be able to do scrapbooking classes on a Tuesday mornings anymore but am happy to do a Monday if that's the only day you can make. So therefore classes will be Monday / Wednesday / Thursday and evenings on demand.

I do hope the following example of Two Sides to Every Story doesn't offend anyone (bit rough in parts) but I confess to a little chuckle.

WOMEN - Two female friends are catching up:

So, how was your evening last night?

A disaster! After getting home, my dear beloved hubby wolfed down in 4 minutes the dinner that took me all afternoon to prepare, "granted" me 3 minutes of passionate love before rolling over and falling asleep 2 minutes later. And you?

Oh, mine was incredible. My hubby was waiting for me to get back home from work. He took me out for a very romantic dinner. We then walked back home, under an amazing stary sky, along the canal, for a good two hours. Once home, he lit up all the candles and we had foreplay which lasted for an hour. We then make love for another hour and then we chatted until late. It was wonderful....

MEN - Meanwhile, at the pub, the husbands are "networking"

So, how was your evening last night?

Great! When I came home, the food was ready. I ate, we shagged and I fell asleep.

A nightmare! I came home earlier to fix the kitchen shelf. When I switched on the power drill, the fuse went out. The whole house went into darkness. Couldn't find the bloody fuse box, so when my better half arrived, I took her out. It was the only thing to do to avoid getting an ear-full. The dinner was so expensive that I couldn't afford the taxi back home, so we had to walk home. Once there, the house was still in the dark, obviously, so I had to light all these f..king canles to avoid knocking everything down. I was so wound up that it took me an hour to get a hard on, and another one to finish. In the end, I was so pissed off that it took me ages to fall asleep, while she kept yapping on and on about everything and nothing.

Take care and hope to see you scrapping some time soon.
Alison xxx

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