Thursday, August 20, 2009

24 - 29 August 2009

Well hi there girls
I had an epiphany, or a rush of blood to the head, or a light bulb moment or whatever you wish to call it. I thought: why not post my weekly email to my sadly neglected blog? That way you have the choice of accessing it via email OR the blog. Then you can read it twice! So hence forth, that's where you'll find it as well as in your inbox.
This week's page is "Celebrate Life". It comes in kit form and the photo requirements are:
1 jumbo portrait
3 (9.5 x 9) cm pics.
Then there are 3 flaps that fold out to about 40 cm each in which you can put a wonderful array of photo's, journaling, quotes, memorabilia or what have you. The pictures cannot be higher than 9 cm otherwise they'll peek out and ruin the aesthetics of the page. If you're one of those scrappers who does not like their page being pulled out of the sleeve then I don't recommend you use all three flaps. If you do 1, you can slit the sleeve but all 3 would make the sleeve fall apart. "Celebrate" is a great theme that allows for such scope in your choice of photos. Book your spot now.
I've just been to collect some lovely new papers. I have a stunning array of the Fab Scraps papers and equally stunning Tracy Shimper papers. I have to say the local papers are just so great these days and I do like to support the local market. And weep no more: I have LOADS of our favourite Treasures Deep Brown back in stock. Honestly, I cannot LIVE without this colour.

Art from the Heart are running a Scrapbook Layout Competition: the challenge is to create an original double page layout using at least 3 AFTH papers and 1 AFTH embellishment sheet. The prize is an Art from the heart hamper as well as the opportunity to join the design team. See in store for entry forms (or to be grammatically correct in this case - "in studio".
I got a message from Scruffy. He was quite overwhelmed at the over 40 phone calls his foster mom received with offers to take him in. He asked me to convey his thanks and appreciation for all the offers of a loving new home. He tells me he's very happy in his new home and is showered with love and attention. So there we are: happy ending for Scruf.
Rikki on the other hand was devastated that there were no phone calls for her Power Vibe 250. So we're trying a new sales pitch:
"Hi, my name is Scruffy II Vibe 250 and my slack fat as#$@d lazy owner doesn't want me any more. I require no feeding, walking or love and affection. In return for a spot in your lounge/bedroom/garden shed I endevour to change the shape of your body.... yadda yadda." There. I admit it doesn't tug at the heart string in quite the same way Scruffy I did. Still, give Rikki a ring on 082 376 7210 if you're interested.
I went up to Gilletts today and to be honest, I thought I'd been tele-transported to the UK in November. Talk about chilly! Brrrr. Anyway, it beats that wind which was making me quite psychotic and seriously freaking me OUT!. I suppose next I'll be winging about the heat.... there's just no pleasing me....
To end, I Quote: Expecting life to treat you well because you're a good person is like expecting an angry bull not to charge you because you're a vegetarian.
And on that thought provoking note, I wish you a happy week and many happy scrapping hours.


  1. Hi Ali I have stumbled upon your blog while googling the "crop-a-dile" as I would desperately like to lay my hands on one. (I must say I wil definitely be back again). You mention Craft Ed and the fact that they are stockists of the crop-a-dile in your post of 21 June. Please help how do I order one??

  2. Hi Annie - I can order one for you with pleasure! Can you email me on or phone 082 804 7970 or 031 572 6088. I just need to double check the price.