Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ray's World


Yep, I'm learning to say HELLO!! in all the languages so I can extend a warm welcome to all the football crazy supporters soon to flood our lovely land. For those of you not quite as far ahead as me in the language stakes, Konnichiha (con-nee-chi-ha) is Japanese for hello. Do use it.

Well done to all of you who tackled this week's Baby page despite my very incomplete sample. You make me proud. I'm hoping to finish mine this weekend.

Next week's page is "Ray's World" and I've used one of the lovely shabby ranges from Fab Scraps. You require:
8 x 2up Portrait (7.5 x 10cm). No easy task to find this number of portrait pics so alternatively you could cut jumbo landscape pics into 7.5 x 10cm
4 x 4up Landscape (7.5 x 5cm)
Can be of any theme using any paper range.
Oh I must mention: I've been having such fun using the "text" option to put titles directly onto my pictures using the Kodak machine at C N A. Cheaper than rub ons, you can make up any word or sentence and it's just as effective. Do give it a go.

We girls were chatting this week and decided we need to do a page of ourselves scrapping. After all, this is a big part of our lives. So we're all brining our cameras next week and will be taking pics of each other scrapping for a future page. Nice idea hey? Feel free to join in. Don't forget to slap on a bit of extra make-up.

Next weeks evening class will be on Thursday 29th. I know it was meant to be Wednesday but last week I was looking at the wrong month and got all deur mekaar. Now I see its book club next Wednesday. I'm not off to such a good start am I?
I'm setting myself Free(dom) on Tuesday 27th so will be closed for business.

That's all folks. For those of you taking a long weekend, have a good one.
Stay safe and happy scrapping. (I'm luuuving this cooler weather!)
Kind regards

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