Saturday, May 8, 2010

Les & Jess

Hola Senoritas!

Well, that’s another week flashed on by.
I’m dealing with something of a catastrophe! – water got into my “work in progress” box (some of which dates back to the time of cholera). All the boxes are covered in a layer of mould with which I could start my own penicillin dispensary. These are all incomplete works from various workshops I’ve attended over the years at great expense and every year I vow to complete them. Perhaps they have always been destined for the bin.

This week’s page: “Les and Jess” requires a mere 8 (8cm x 8cm) pics. I’ve used the Fab Scraps Urban Chic range which would look stunning with sepia or black and white pics although I’ve used colour. The shades are pink, limy green and brown which works well for a more feminine page but I’ve worked out that by just changing the background paper you can get a totally different more neutral look. (I’ve attached a pic of the paper). Can be of any theme.

Cappuccino coffee is back in stock!! Oh yes. This can be administered either directly into the vein or in a nice cup. Your call.

This week’s evening class will be on Thursday 13th at 18h00.
Bee’s next card class will be on Thursday 20th at 17h30.
Please note that there will be no Thursday morning classes for the foreseeable future as I’m doing clay and mosaic work on Thursdays (and loving it!)

Why of why do the suppliers show me fabulous new stock right on top of an event? I’ve just ordered some great mini chipboard “Mother” albums which would have made a magnificent Mothers Day gift. But we’ve been left with very little time to do it – unless you’re one of those speedy scrappers (like you Ash). I’ll have the stock in on Monday if you’re interested. I’ve ordered the “Dad” one which we can look at doing for Fathers Day.
On Monday, I’ll also have in stock metal rulers, some great new chipboard words and shapes at excellent prices, the new Fab Scrap range of paper, the new Art From The Heart papers I was telling you about and more.
I’ve had a good look at the Fab Scrap leather album and I have to say it does look rather fabulous - a bit pricier than some but I do think when it comes to albums you get what you pay for. I’ve ordered one for you to take a look at.

Here’s a date to diarize: The Ballito Prawn Festival 2 – 4 July. Loads of activities, jazz, goodies to buy and treats to eat. Well worth a visit. I’ll remind you closer to the time.
And don’t forget the Discovery Big Walk on Sunday 23 May – go on, get out there in the fresh air.
That’s about wraps it up. Happy scrapping days to you all.

Best regards

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