Monday, September 20, 2010

Birdie Num Nums

Hi Peeps
Strange weather this. Not sure whether to pack away the woolies or not. Tried a cozzy on yesterday that had me weeping in the change room – I think for now I’d rather be all bundled up. I’m even leaning towards donning a burkha.

Now, next week’s page is Birdie Num Num and is a real girlie girl one – all pretty pinks, greens and browns with little birdies and journalling blocks. Doesn’t have to be of a little girl but of any thing girlie if you get my drift. I used:
3 jumbo portrait
2 jumbo landscape
1 (2up) landscape
Let me know if you want me to keep you a pack (this page is very paper specific).

Bee’s card class will be held here at SBJ on Thursday 23rd @ 17h30. Please let me know if you’ll be attending as Bee will only do a workshop if we have at least 7 people.

This means that we’ll have to make the evening class on Tuesday 19th. Do book.
Enjoy the Hillcrest fund raiser, all of you who will be attending. Sure is an early start!

I know there are other bit of news to impart to you but I just can’t think what they are right now. I’m sure to remember just minutes after I press “send”
Have a fabby dabby weekend and scrap away.
Kind regards

The Four Ages of Man.

15-30 yrs : Kanonkop

31-50 yrs : Meerlust

51-60 yrs : Rust en Vrede

61 yrs + : Allesverloren

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