Saturday, May 21, 2011

Playing with Philip

Hi there girls

So, I trust you all made your X for a better and brighter South Africa…… one day our ship might come in {no harm in dreaming}. I must say my voting experience was a doddle – walked in and out with just a dirty finger nail to show for my efforts. I hope this doesn’t mean good citizens where not voting!

Anyhows…. you’re either going to like this week’s page – Playing with Philip - or it’s going to leave you cold. The paper is all sepia-ish (is there such a word?) and the pics themselves are in sepia so you might find it all together too dull for your taste. The pics I used where:
2 jumbo – 1 portrait, 1 landscape
1 {2up} landscape
1 {2up} portrait
7 {4up} portraits
There was also meant to be 1 x {4up} landscape but I printed the wrong pic so feel free to add one yourself.
Can be of absolutely any theme you like.

Evening class will be on Thursday 26th by request. Do book for a fun evening.
Be warned: there is a page coming up on……ME!! {well, no you obviously don’t have to scrap me but yourself – and I know how much some of you hate that idea. In which case you may then scrap me if you prefer).
I’m busy working on my heritage page as we speak and it’s going to have masses of journaling. I’ve done it in the form of Q&A so will send the questions off to you well before the class.

A very happy birthday to Lauretta who has a birthday today {Saturday}. Happy day lovely lady.
As you may know, I’m off to the UK for 3 weeks on the 8th June for a little travel therapy. I’ll probably shut shop but my mom will be here so you would be welcome to come along to purchase stock if you need to. I could even organise a few scrap ‘n chats if you like……
Chalk inks are finally in!

That’s my bundle for this week……

I’ve become rather mindful of my health recently {it’s an age thing I guess} and would encourage you all do regular health checks. Here’s a bit of advice for preparing yourself for your annual mammogram……..

Many women are afraid of their first mammogram, but there is no need to worry. By taking a few minutes each day for a week preceding the exam and doing the following exercises, you will be totally prepared for the test and best of all, you can do these simple exercises right in and around your home.


Open your refrigerator door and insert one breast in door. Shut the door as hard as possible and lean on the door for good measure.
Hold that position for five seconds. Repeat again in case the first time wasn't effective enough..


Visit your garage at 3AM when the temperature of the cement floor is just perfect. Take off all your clothes and lie comfortably on the floor with one breast wedged under the rear tire of the car. Ask a friend to slowly back the car up until your breast is sufficiently flattened and chilled. Turn over and repeat with the other breast.


Freeze two metal bookends overnight. Strip to the waist. Invite a stranger into the room. Press the bookends against one of your breasts.
Smash the bookends together as hard as you can. Set up an appointment with the stranger to meet next year and do it again.


AND, just a thought for all the women out there...
MENtal illness, MENstrual cramps, MENtal breakdown, MENopause....
Ever notice how all of women's problems start with men?...And
When we have real trouble it's HISterectomy!

Happy scrapping!!
Warm regards

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